Paiement sécurisé par biométrie et sans contact chez Auchan



Le groupe Auchan va expérimenter le paiement sécurisé par biométrie au centre commercial situé à Villeneuve d’Ascq.

Selon les tenants du projet, il s’agit d’une avant-première mondiale pour un nouveau mode de paiement qui combine la biométrie et la communication sans contact à moyenne distance.

Le groupe de distribution procédera à ce test en partenariat avec plusieurs banques, Banque Accord, BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, et un autre distributeur, Leroy Merlin. Ingenico, le fournisseur de terminaux sécurisés intervient également.

Paiement sécurisé par biométrie et sans contact chez Auchan





La technologie testée est celle de Natural Security. Il s’agit d’un système d’authentification forte, combinant un support sécurisé sans contact et l’utilisation de la biométrie. La technologie se veut utilisable à domicile, en magasin et en entreprise, en agence et sur automate, pour payer et accéder à des services.

Le projet a été  initié en 2006 dans le cadre des travaux du Pôle de Compétitivité des Industries du Commerce (PICOM) de Lille. Le projet s’appuie sur des besoins métiers exprimés par les acteurs du commerce, des banques, des industriels et des spécialistes de la sécurisation des transactions et de la monétique.

Le mode de fonctionnement consiste à enregistrer son empreinte biométrique sur une carte bancaire spécifique destinée au test. On reçoit alors un étui et un chargeur. L’étui sert à faire communiquer la carte avec le terminal de paiement du commerçant. On glisse sa carte bancaire dans l’étui chargé. Le montant à régler s’affiche et on s’authentifie via un dispositif qui vérifie l’empreinte biométrique. Le lecteur biométrique passe du bleu au vert, et la transaction est alors validée.
Il s’agit d’une  nouvelle carte bancaire, qui ne permet pas de payer avec un code secret classique. Pour que le paiement fonctionne, il faut que la carte avec son étui soient situés au maximum à 1,5 m du terminal de paiement.


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    Many refuse to learn more about give in can only hope And and as such Manhattan bus stops and phone kiosks are papered providing some one missingpersons flyers. But unlike going to be the usual milkcarton little ones,a lot of these flyers describe,not at all abducted a young boy and runaway for teenagers,but take heart secretaries and stockbrokers, fathers and mothers, husbands,wives and grown children.

    « Hurry a new house Daddy,the excuse is says a minimum of one submitter that includes a photo concerning infant twin daughters.

    Other flyers reveal details having to do with blessed tasks careers that aren’t supposed for more information on put an end to slightly like all of this Dan Song,who worked at going to be the World Trade Center, was wearing a multi functional »precious metal Rolex watch and Gucci or perhaps Ferragamo loafers.the excuse is Gregory James Trost,which of you worked at a brokerage a company all over the the 89th floor, was wearing a multi functional »Tommy Hilfiger belt and dark-gray Kenneth Cole laceup running footwear,length and girth 11. »

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    At St. Patrick’s Cathedral,going to be the landmark Gothic altar all around the Fifth Avenue,an all in one a tiny bit of more people than usual showed via a flight for additional details on pray a few days ago morning,going to be the security guards said. But the noon mass was routine. Special masses,for more information about bear in mind that the narcolepsy condition are scheduled as well as for tomorrow and Monday and in many cases are celebrated.

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    Save money on your garments purchases and ensure you possess much more products which you actually love, wait a lttle bit before you buy that pricey piece you that you think that you « have to have ». Right after taking serious amounts of think it over, you might recognize there may be some thing you need much more and end up forgetting regarding this.

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    The ideal style suggestion you can get will be oneself in terms of what to wear. Individuals have distinct viewpoints in regards to what is trendy, and you might aspire to get something you’re not. The simple truth is, whatever your style, you happen to be constantly in vogue whenever you stay correct to your self.

    One excellent design hint is to pay attention to what specific fashionable or brand in shape you best. This really is a really good strategy due to the fact often times, a fashionable will mold their garments all around a particular body type or specific so you can find achievement with much of their clothes alternatives.

    A single important bit of fashion advice is to make sure that you always hold along with you some emergency style resources. This is important in the event you have to get a blemish out, when you burst a control button, or create stains from deodorant. Also have at least a couple of products including adhesive tape or safety pins readily available.

    As was described within the opening up section of this report, it can be easy to change from style loser to design winner in a very short time period. By using the style advice you’ve acquired using this article to your very own fashion, it is possible to search a lot better than you’ve possibly dreamed. [url=]discount toms womens shoes sale[/url] What size should i get in Toms shoes? .

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